Job Description – Rigger

Position Title/Level:               Rigger
Company:                                B H S Kinetic Inc.
Department:                            Move It / Rigging
Location:                                 USA

Reporting to:                           Project Manager / Lead Rigger or Engineer / On-Site Supervisor
Supervisory Role:                   If qualified with the necessary skills and experience
Immediate Subordinate:       None, unless qualified for supervisory role

Company Profile:

A logistics and engineering company which specializes in providing technical and logistical services, with emphasis in the Semiconductor sector, managing our clients’ highly sensitive and precision manufacturing equipment.

Position Profile:

Responsible team player required for moving/rigging works of highly sensitive and precision machines in a cleanroom environment, as per client requirements, in a timely manner according to customer specifications and specific job scope.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carry out rigging works of highly sensitive and precision machines in a cleanroom environment.
  • Inspect and prepare loads that need to be moved.
  • Use appropriate tools or equipment to uncrate, move, and lift.
  • Set, align, and level heavy equipment machinery.
  • Select the appropriate rigging gear.
  • Prepare rigging equipment including castor, pallet jack, and crowbar.
  • Inspect rigging before final use.
  • Monitor and maintain rigging equipment.
  • Maneuver loads using heavy equipment machinery and by hand.
  • Ensure compliance with state and company safety procedures.
  • Communicate with other related teams like install and construction teams.
  • Break down rigging equipment and conduct post-rigging inspections.
  • Obey, follow, execute, and follow up on instructions by higher management, either independently or as part of a team.
  • Timely delivery of projects or tasks at hand with zero complaint.
  • Pay attention to details and escalate or highlight any discrepancies, issues, or problems during job progress.
  • Put in compensated extra hours when requested and required due to unforeseen work environment and schedule.
  • Work at heights and in confined spaces without any reservations.

Key Roles and Responsibilities (Lead Rigger / Supervisor):

  • Meet with customer to gather, forecast, and tie down future work schedules.
  • Plan and allocate tools and human resources with reference to current and future work schedules.
  • Conduct toolbox meetings and delegate daily job tasks.
  • Manage daily job task progress and ensure on-job training for special job tasks.
  • Oversee entire project for a particular site and maintain and enforce 5S.
  • Prepare and submit Work-in-Progress reports.
  • Liaise with other vendors for facilities, install, preinstall, or demo works.
  • Liaise with CS for travel and lodging plans for interstate travel.
  • Create, maintain, and sign off Proof of Delivery (POD) for submission to relevant departments.

Key Performance Indicators (including but not limited to):

  • Timely delivery of projects or tasks at hand with zero complaint from clients
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Subordination

Career Prospects:

Candidates can aspire to take on leadership roles in other areas of work within the Move It / Rigging Department.

Critical Skills/Knowledge:      
Good at ”handiwork,“ with experience in using lifting and mechanical tools

Prior rigging experience (preferred, though not a must)                                     

Effective interpersonal and communication skills                                          

Computer knowledge and skills (for supervisory role)

Associate degree with technical focus (community college)

Technical certificates (certification of technical education)

High school / industry-linked certificate

Ex-Military, trade school AA, or partial trade school

Local, regional, and overseas

Other Considerations:

  • Comfortable working at height and in confined spaces
  • Willing to work in a cleanroom environment
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Willing to travel locally, regionally, and overseas (possibly for extended periods of time)
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