Our daily transactions are completed with Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
We have continued to operate our service at full levels throughout the entire Circuit Breaker period and beyond. There have been NO disruptions in our service during this period.
Our facilities have passed every government inspection,from environment based studies to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) spot checks.
Our dormitory facilities have been identified by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) as a model for safety compliance and have been visited by representatives from the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office).


STP is a voluntary certification programme consistent with the World Customs Organisation (WCO) SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade.
For the following activities:
1. Transporting, Moving and Warehouse Services for Industrial Equipment
2. Installation of Industrial Equipment
Level Star


We attempt to be ahead by thinking and innovating our methods of engaging clients and their special needs and these include:


EDI Electronic Database

Smart Trailer Scan + Factory Notification Automation


Equipment Handling Automation (Robots)
EHA Robots
Data Collection
Singpass Virtual Handshake
(Digital Signature at a government’s level)

We engage government organisation bodies to help us in our journey of improvement. They include E2i, Enterprise SG and Skill Future SG for digitalisation and skills deepening.

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