Job Description – Mechanical Works Engineers / Technicians

Position Title/Level:               Mechanical Installer / De-Installer
Company:                                B H S Kinetic Inc.
Department:                            Build It / Install
Location:                                 USA

Reporting to:                           Project Manager / Lead Engineer / On-site Supervisor
Supervisory Role:                   If qualified with the necessary skills and experience            
Immediate Subordinate:       None, unless qualified for supervisory role

Company Profile:                                         

B H S Kinetic Inc. is a logistics and engineering company which specializes in providing technical and logistical services, with emphasis in the semiconductor sector, managing our clients’ highly sensitive and precision manufacturing equipment.

Position Profile:                                         

Responsible team player required for pre-installation works, installation, and de-installation of highly sensitive and precision machines in a cleanroom environment, as per client requirements, in a timely manner according to customer specifications and specific job scope.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:      

  • Carry out pre-installation works, installation, and de-installation of highly sensitive and precision machines in a cleanroom environment.
  • Obey, follow, execute, and follow up on instructions by higher management, either independently or as part of a team.
  • Deliver projects or tasks at hand in a timely manner with zero complaint.
  • Pay attention to details and escalate or highlight any discrepancies, issues, or problems during job progress.
  • Put in compensated extra hours when requested and required due to unforeseen work environment and schedule.
  • Work at height and in confined spaces without reservations.

Key Roles and Responsibilities (Lead Engineer / Supervisor): 

  • Meet with customer to gather, forecast, and tie down future work schedules.
  • Plan and allocate tools and human resources with reference to current or future work schedules.
  • Conduct toolbox meetings and delegate daily job tasks.
  • Manage daily job task progress and ensure on-job training for special job tasks.
  • Oversee entire project for particular site and maintain and enforce 5S.
  • Prepare and submit Work-in-Progress reports.
  • Liaise with other vendors for facilities, preinstall, or demo works.
  • Liaise with CS for travel and lodging plans for interstate travel.
  • Create, maintain, and sign off Proof of Delivery (POD) for submission to relevant departments.

Key Performance Indicators (including but not limited to):

  • Timely delivery of projects or tasks at hand with zero complaint from clients
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Subordination

Career Prospects:

Candidates can aspire to take on leadership roles in other areas of work within the Build It / Install Department.

Critical Skills/Knowledge:      
Good at ‘handiwork’ with experience in using mechanical tools
Prior mechanical pre-installation, installation, or de-installation experience (not necessary with ASML machines)
Effective interpersonal and communication skills
Computer knowledge and skills (for supervisory role)

Associate degree with technical focus (Community College)
Technical certificates (Certification of Technical Education)
High school / industry-linked certificate
Ex-military, trade school AA, or partial trade school

Local, regional, and overseas

Other Considerations:

  • Comfortable working at height and in confined spaces
  • Willing to work in a cleanroom environment
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Willing to travel locally, regionally, and overseas (possibly for extended periods of time)
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